Weegee Soup is Food. It is made by Weegee. It first appears in Wegeo then appears again in Tomgee.

How weegee soup is created

1. Weegee gets a bowl and grabs the ingredients.

2. He cracks three eggs and yolk gets on the bowl

3. He pours suger and flour together on the bowl

4. Adds cheese on the bowl

5. Adds chocolate ice cream.

6. Adds Strawberry Syrup on the bowl

7. Adds Peanut Butter and Hershey's Chocolate Bars after opening the lid and ripping the covering on the bars.

8. Adds Yellow Food Coloring on the bowl

9. Adds one bacon on the bowl

10. Adds froot loops on the bowl

11. Adds Noodles

12. Chops the potatoes and tomatoes and adds them on the bowl

13. Adds some more vegetables

14. pours the milk

15. Adds seven cans of soup

16. Adds Weegee Stuff in the soup and mixed it all together

17. Pours The Soup in the blender and presses the start button

18. Puts it in microwave and make it to 3 minutes

19. Said "weegee" 3 times

20. is done

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