Character Information


Green hat and shirt, tan skin, white gloves, brown shoes, blue eyes, brown hair, blue overalls



First Appearance

Cousin Malleo

Weegee is a pure evil internet meme that looks like Luigi. When he stares at you, you will be turned into a Weegee too. He only appeared in the episode Cousin Malleo at the end when Mario said "what would you

Weegee's appearance

do if it was cousin Weegee?" then Mario and Luigi both scream because Weegee was behind the wall, staring at them. HE IS SUPER EVIL!



Cousin Malleo

Weegee appeared at the end of Cousin Malleo, when he stared at Mario and Luigi. Malleo is the same as Weegee, but, Malleo has lazer eyes! When you stare at him you become a Malleo!