So beautiful...

Characters Present


Goomba was in jail for trying to beat mario and the others with koopa. Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, and their friends were bowling. Then Goomba destroyed the heart gun. So Mario and his friends all started crying. And Goomba laughed. But then Goomba got jumped on. And then they laughted at Goomba. Then on a road, Spongebob had a car with a canon with pripaler mushrooms (from new super Mario bros wii). He was shooting bullet bills at Goomba. He went inside. Goomba's guardian angel said to Goomba YOU IDIOT I HATE MORE BULLIES LIKE YOU! Goomba cried and Mario, Luigi, and the others laughted at him. Then Robot and Monster came to tell The guardian angel to punch Goomba. With a might and a fist the angel punched Goomba and Goomba cried again. Then Mario fixed the heart gun and Goomba got hit by a dog-sized plastic heart. Just as another heart was heading towards The School Of Doom, Mrs. Stinkybutt said there will be no school because of the heart that crashed in. "YAY!" Everyone said. Then they had a party and sung Party Rock. Then the heart in the school opened and the cow ate the chocolate. "BOOO!" Everyone said. "YAY!" Goomba said NOT! He actually said sorry to mario and his friends of all of the bad stuff he did. Mario said "It's ok just try not to go mean." "I know." Said Goomba and now his guardian angel felt happy for him. And everyone singed thank you for everything you do (from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood). The End.


  • Party Rock sunged by everyone but goomba
  • Thank you for everything you do (from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) sunged by all of the characters