Everyone Everyone come to this epic episode

Characters Presetation

Mario Luigi Bowser Mrs. Stinkybutt Shadow Mario Shadow Luigi The Oggie Boggie Man The Ehh Guy The You Guy Bubble Guppies Gonzo Goomba Wario Jack Skellington Dora (cameo) Red Stickman (death) Bowser. Jr Bullet Bill (good guy) Koopa Troopa Sid Hidnz Frosty The Snowman Torpedo Ted (debut) Sonic The Hedgehog Toad Yoshi Spiny Tippi


Pilot: When Gonzo throwd a treasure chest intoo the Cute Mario Sea it's up to The good guys to get it before the bad guys get it. Can the good guys get the treasure? Songs: Treasure sung by Luigi and Tippi, Let's go deep Sung by everyone but the Bad Guys, Our Treasure sung by Everyone, Money sung by the good guys.

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