Toad in "Meet Jack Skellington". Credit to Dragonian King for the picture.

Toad is a friend of Mario and Luigi, as well as Princess Peach's bodyguard. In the Cute Mario Brosseries, he is a recurring character, and apeears very little. Toad first apperaed in Meet Jack, with a weird voice. Toad is a BD&A plush and mostly appears in awkward moments. He is also very easy to deafeat. In the movie, Bowser touched Toad and Toad died. Toad is very annoying to the mario bros., he just does not know it. Usally, Toad is with Peach or Yoshi. He never does much except cower or watch the Mario Brothers. Toad is a funny, yet awkward character. His enemies are Bowser and Gonzo. But the Tarantula was Toad's worst enemy!! AND HE IS NOT MLG PRO


Toad has been portrayed as a strange character in this series, proven by the scene in "Friend Or Foe" when he kissed Luigi. He will do many things that the Cute Mario Bros. and friends don't like. Mario and Luigi seem to not appreciate Toad, because in The First Movie, while Mickey was introducing each character on Mario's team, the Cute Mario Bros. didn't compliment Toad, while they did with the others on the team. Toad might repeat peach sometime like in death of mario when peach said spongebob was pure gueinus toad repeaded after peach.