the shape bandit returns is the other appearance in CMB. in this episode, the shape bandit made the extra shape bandits.

Characters Present


The shape bandit made a clone machine made out of shapes. he pressed the extra clone button so he made the extra clones. Then we see Tommy eating Doritos, drinking chocolate milk, and watching Adventure Time. NOT FINISHED


  • This is a episode when that bandit returns
  • This is the first time chuckie is seen without glasses.
  • In the Death Forest Scene, There is a guy that slightly resembles Jeff the Killer
  • In this episode, we see Tommy and green Stickman blew a raspberry for the first time and the second time chuckie blew a raspberry. First episode was Wario's Revenge.
  • This episode shows green Stickman crying for the first time when he saw the you guy acting mournful. also chuckie got his grief face to the viewers after the shape bandit stool his glasses.


  • Shape Bandit: oh meow, i got all the shapes but there's a square glasses so i must steal them.


Cute Mario Bros VS. The Shape Bandit playable characters are everyone but the extra shape bandits and the shape bandit (which is the boss)