The Realm of Darkness is a Cute Mario Bros movie that is split up into 7 parts, each being 15-minutes long. The movie released Part 1 on September 23, 2014, and then finally released Part 7 on March 6, 2015.


Mario and Luigi are forced to take stand on Peach's Castle before a demon named Syro rises to erase the entire universe.

Part 1/7: The Rise of Syro

In the Mushroom Kingdom, Toadsworth recalls an old legend facing the kingdom's ancestors. Mario's ancestor, Oiram, seizes control of the Koopa Defense Station after defeating King Koopa (Bowser's ancestor). On one of his hunts, Oiram encounters Syro, a powerful demon with the power to erase time and space. Oiram, along with other ancestors in a group known as the Scrollers, trap Syro underground beneath Princess Peach's castle. In the present, Syro is shown to be awake and growing power.

Part 2/7: World of Tommorrow

Part 3/7: Bowser's Last Defense

Part 4/7: The Prophecy

Part 5/7: The Army of Darkness

Part 6/7: Battle of the Realm

Part 7/7: Fate of the Universe

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