'The Pizza Dilemma' is episode 13. In this episode, Mario has a problem with pizza.

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Mario is looking out a window, Luigi offers him pizza and Mario throws it away angrily. Luigi runs away, crying, and says he needs to give Mario some help.

Mario, Luigi, Pikachu and Jack are hungry, they ask Luigi what's to eat and Luigi says he has a surprise informing them that he has ordered Pizza, causing Mario to spaz out and go wild, Kermit announces he has been ressurrected, but his return is short lived and is killed by Mario in his excitement, Mario shrugs it off and keeps bouncing around, unfortunately the Pizza is extremely late and Mario becomes impatient and frustrated, when the Pizza delivery dude shows up, Mario angrily asks him what took him so long and is given the excuse that he was unable to find their house, Mario attacks the Pizza man and says he won't pay, upon bringing the pizza to the kitchen, Mario devours it, much to the dismay of his buddies, Pikachu then says that Mario is a "pig" when it comes to pizza, this causes Mario to freak out and cry.

Luigi takes Mario on a walk and says he shouldn't worry about it, while on the walk they see an ad on a bus stop of a man eating Pizza, Luigi jokingly says that the guy eating pizza is Mario, and Mario freaks out, we then get to where the episode began. Mario is looking out a window, Luigi offers him pizza and Mario throws it away angrily.

Luigi is worried for Mario's sanity and calls Mickey, who hypnotizes Mario into liking pizza again, Mickey then admits that the hypnotherapy was a load of crap and is surprised it worked and has no idea how he got his degree, Mario then goes to eat Pizza but instead finds an empty box with Jack inside it, Mario remarks "I hate Jacks in the box".

Kermit the Frog's Returning Appearance

Kermit returns in this episode after getting killed by Gonzo in The Blue Terror. However he gets killed again in this episode by falling and then exploding. It is unknown how he got back on earth. This episode is not Kermit's last appearance, however. He returned again as a spirit in the 'A Christmas Carol'.
Cute Mario Bros - The Pizza Dilemma

Cute Mario Bros - The Pizza Dilemma

The Pizza Dillema