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Episode 0




Originally 2006

'Pilot Episode' is episode 0. In this episode, Mario and Luigi set off on their first adventure to save Princess Peach!
Cute Mario Bros

Cute Mario Bros. - Pilot Episode

Description - Ricky and I found a BUNCH of old tapes and stumbled upon our first episode ever! Even before 'Find Yoshi!' Hope you enjoy!


Mario and Luigi are shown in separate beds snoozing and then wake up. They of course get a letter, and try to open up the door letterbox, which is awfully hard. They manage to get a tiny letter out. It says that they must save Princess Peach, so the two set off for their first adventure.

While on their long way to go, they meet the Sad Statue, in which the brothers both share him a hug. But after hearing his spooky voice, they eventually run off, in a stupor mood. Then they find a bridge to cross over, but all of the fish want to eat them. So the two run away, until they find the treefort. They also find a leaf/feather and use it to get cape power and the two fly up to the top. (Much like in the SNES video game "Super Mario World")

However, they are informed by Bowser that it was a trap, Mario and Luigi climb to the top and find Peach, Luigi clears the path with a stick, and then they jump off the treehouse onto the ground and all is well in the Cute Mario world.

As the episode comes to a close, Mario mentions he had a fun adventure, then the episode ends.

Characters Present


  • Tyler's whole face can be seen clearly.
  • This episode is a forgotten episode that was uploaded after 'Find Yoshi!', explaining that this is episode 0. Despite there being some earlier episodes filmed in 2005, those ones got deleted and this is the only episode recovered for now.
  • They save the Princess in this episode, but in 'Valentines Day', it seems that they have not met.
  • Originally filmed in 2006, but not released onto YouTube until 3 years later.


  • The Leaf was the power up to turn into a flying raccoon in the Super Mario Bros 3 game, but the cape power up was used by a feather in the Super Mario World game - which would be unusable for a Mario game or video. It could've possibly been a feather, but in a different colour.