The Mysterious Shaking Sound is Mordecai's appearance as rigby. in this episode, Mario and luigi are attacked by an earthquake! oh no! will they survive?


Mario and Luigi are trying to find the Lego bricks. Luigi starts to cry like a baby because there's no more legos, but Mario shows him a picture of them, fighting bowser and rescuing the princess. but then, the door opened. Mr. Stinkybutt and The Farting Cousin appeared. The door then closes. Mr Stinkybutt and The Farting Cousin looked at the picture Mario printed. Farting, they liked the picture. Mr. Stinkybutt says, "Thanks for the painting, or picture whatever you call it." The ground trembled softly. Mario says, "Hey, did you hear that shaking sound?" Luigi said, "Duh, Kermit is back to life." The ground trembled again, two times soft. "OMG! OMG! UF2HLP!" The Farting Cousin is pretending to be Darwin Watterson. Jack came. "What was that!" The ground shakes harder. "You'd better do it!" Mario growls. Mr. Stinkybutt groaned. "Lay off Mario, I'm busy." The ground trembling was an earthquake! Everyone is scared. Everything toppled over like a Pizza. Mr. Stinkybutt and The Farting Cousin tried to escape the Cute Mario House, but get hit by a bunch of rolling barrels. But when the earthquake stops, Woody arrives and looks at the crying. He says, "Well, we've gotten a little, sad thing you can see, Mr Stinkybutt and The Farting Cousin are dead." Jack wipes his tears from his eyes. "Oh, no, my best friend is dead..." Jack begins to cry.

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