The Magic Hat is a 104th episode in this episode, Mario finds the magic hat. But bowser, gonzo and mrs. stinkybutt took it. It's up to Mario and friends to get it back.



Mario was walking to the forest. And sees something black. It's the magic hat! He said. So he called his friends and his brother to see this magic hat and came to see it. Mario showed to everybody but suddenly bowser gonzo and mrs. Stinkybutt took the magic hat. And Mario and his friends started crying. And the villians laugh. So Mario stops crying and he told his friends to stop crying and they stoped crying and it's time to destroyed the villians then the villians try to say the magic words. They said the magic words but Mario and friends come. Then Mario and phineas defeat the villians. And luigi and ferb took the hat. Then Mario said the magic words then the hat does something magic. (try puting the quotes and trivia with your magic hat!)



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