The Leprechaun- is the 11th episode of season 3 of cute mario bros and is the 26th episode overall. in this episode it's St.Patricks day and mario and luigi are hunting down a leprechaun.

Characters Present


The episode begins with Mario playing Super Mario World on the SNES. After dying on a Chargin' Chuck, Mario starts slamming the controller angrily across the room. Luigi comes in and almost gets hit by the controller. He then tells Mario that today is St. Patrick's Day and says what he loves about it.

Mario however mentions that leprechauns don't exist and tells him, the ones he's seen are midgets and that Santa at the mall, was actually their neighbor Phil. Luigi loses it, opens the window and yells "YOU LIED TO ME PHIL!!!", before he shoots and kills him.

Afterward, Mario asks Luigi if he killed Phil, but Luigi lies by saying no. Apparently, the Mario bros. brush off the incident and they watch TV. A newsman, John Macanzin says what to do if they find a leprechaun, but Mario still doesn't believe him. His mind is changed when he sees a leprechaun and he comes running down the hallway, screaming Luigi's name.

The two come running down the hallway till they get outside, only to find nothing. A leprechaun comes over and asks for directions for Ireland. The two then chase after him, but he prevails with his teleportation abilities and they continue chase him into the forest.

Mario and Luigi are devising a plan and decide to do the old bait and trap trick. Somehow this works, however but catching a leprechaun isn't that easy since the leprechaun escaped using his powers. This time, the Mario brothers decide to let the leprechaun come to them by using Lucky Charms. This works, as they catch him, but in a yet again ending twist, when they get to his pot, they find out it's not real gold but instead, chocolate.

Mario and Luigi finally snap and they beat up the leprechaun to death. But, when the Mario bros. return to the pot, it's missing. Upset, the brothers leave in disappointment and it reveals that the Ehh and You! guys took the pot and the episode ends.


  • Although this episode was uploaded on the 20th of March, St. Patricks day was officially on March 17th, roughly 3 days later.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of "The Ehh and You Guys" in 2013.
  • This is the spoof of St. Patrick's Day Special.


As Phil dies from getting shot, you can hear the cameraman laughing.