The creators of TARANTULA! and the blue terror rises. there will be a new episode that will BLOW YOUR MIND! the giant tarantula rises! coming to theaters. anytime.

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Luigi said he's going deer hunting. so Luigi went to the forest Mario was bored so he decided to play Wii with Tommy and Chuckie. then in the forest, luigi was finding deer. he sits on a big rock waiting. then he heard bushes shaking. Luigi thought is was a Giant Tarantula so he grabs his shotgun and yelled "I KNOW YOUR THE GIANT TARANTULA SO I WILL KILL YOU!" he walks slowly and it was… just a rabbit. Then in the cute Mario house, the Wii stops responding and switches to the news. the reporters said "There is a sighting of a Giant Tarantula like monster in the hole." then back to the death forest, luigi was finding deer then gets tired and sleeps on a rock. then the giant tarantula went out of the hole and monster breathing is heard but the tarantula was offscreen then moves down to the left. once it was 8:30. luigi was still sleeping then he heard a noise. so he gets up, looks around, and said "What was that? WHO'S THERE?" NOT FINISHED


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