Sylvester from "The Sleepwalking Disorder"

Sylvester is a cat plush, who sometimes helps out Mario and Luigi, just like Mickey. His first episode to appear in was, Quest for the Mushroom. Mario and Luigi where walking into there house, they had just gotten back from the place where the war was. The war from Cute Mario Bros. the Movie. They stepped in and Sylvester came in front of them. He said, from helping Mario get back on his feet in the movie. Luigi had no power and was going to die. Sylvester told them to make Luigi alive again, Mario must pass three demons and get a mushroom for Luigi. Sylvester stayed with luigi and gave him the mushroom. Sylvester apperared in that episode. His other popular episode was in The Sleep Walking Disorder. Luigi had a bad case of sleepwalking, so Sylvester helped them find a cure on Google. com and bring them to the doctor. he also exclamied what sleepwalking was to the Mario Brothers...and Jack...kind of. Sylvester is a funny character and has a little weird voice. People like Sylvester.