Super Spy Luigi(2007-2009) Was a serise that aired on show was produced by. Ricky(also known as rickenny).It was all about the cute mario star Luigi Mario that was a spy to go under cover for adventures,finding money or saving friends of him. BUT!!! the problem with the serise was Tyler founder and the first mario plush serise . Ricky was making the episodes but durring those times tyler was still making The Cute Mario Bros. witch was complecated for rickey to go to another and another and another. So after the problems rickey made the last serise of Super Spy Luigi in 2009 and went back to making The Cute Mario Bros(2007-still runninng). 2010 a ney year new videos for tyler and ricky. Back to the same problem a guy named sonic1mario was making sonic videos and heard that ricky was a great player for his show so rickey made serise with him. BUTT!! again the cmb show was still running and ricky wanted to make more cmb videos so he left The Sonic And Mario Show And back to The Cute Mario Bros.The reason why some people dont watch sonic1mario's videos is because durring the videos the Director of the show said their was a ep.7 witch still not on youtube witch was a lie to youtube. Some people ask for old videos of cmb but even theirs no Super Spy Luigi Theirs Cute Mario Bros .   Super Spy Luigi. Air date year:2007-2009.

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