In this episode, tommy, chuckie, and phil made their own team and made their own powers, but the powerpuff girls or anyone else didn't notice them. and the villains try to take over the world.

Characters Present



The Powerpuff Girls are going to practice singing. NOT FINISHED


  • This is a spoof of Powerpuff Girls


  • Ferb Latin (from phineas and ferb sunged by blossom, bubbles, and buttercup
  • Powerpuff!
  • Yo ho ho and The Bottle of Yum (from the rugrats movie) sunged by tommy, chuckie, and phil
  • Witch Doctor
  • Don't Care sunged by ice king and phil
  • Powerpoof sunged by tommy, chuckie, and phil
  • Hot Dog (from mickey mouse clubhouse)

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