Mrs.Stinkybutts's Poison Mushroms is ep. 98 in this one Mrs. Stinkybutt poisons Mario with a Poison Mushroom and luigi jack and Phineas and Ferb half to defeat Mrs. stinkybutt to save mario's life!

Characters Present

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach(cameo)
  • Jack Skellington
  • Mrs. Stinkybutt
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • The eeh guy ( cameo )
  • The you guy ( cameo )
  • Bowser
  • Bullet Bill(end)
  • Gommba(end)
  • Koopa(cameo)
  • Wario (cameo)
  • Wauliugi( cameo )
  • Poison Mushroom
  • Gonzo (cameo)
  • Koopa(Cameo)


Mrs. Stinkybutt has made a slave machine to get Mario and the other students in her clasroom to not talk and obey her evry order. But a Poison Mushroom got into the FUEL TANK. later Mrs Stinkybutt with some help from Bowser kiddnaps mario and The others ( includeing Peach and Koopa. ) Mario was first but the slave lazer came out purple insted of blue the Poison Mushroom made the lazer purple. The lazer zaped mario and Poisoned him ! Luigi ecapes and frees the captured people than Luigi Jack phineas and ferb go to get a mushroom or a fire flower to save marios life.Bowser tells Mrs. Stinkybutt That by 7:22 P.m If Mario Is Not cured He will DIE! At The death Forest the ehh guy and the you guy got zapped with the slave mashine with the proper item. so they atacked Luigi jack phineas and ferb. So luigi hits the ehh guy with a Hypno capsle wich makes him back to normal.Phineas and ferb fight the you guy and jack sun tans. Phineas hits a botton and the lazer hits Ehh guy. makeing him back to normal. Then Luigi Jack Phineas and Ferb go To wario and wauligi 's House of death.Wario is playing Super paper mario on Mario and luigi's Wii And waluigi (who  is looking at cheat codes for the game. Luigi and Phineas fight wario and wauligi Ferb And jack take the wii back to the cute mario house.Bowser sees that it is 7:00 in 22 miutes Mario would be dead.

Wario and waluligi Have ben deafeated. So at The Fart Lair a Bommerrang flower (from super mario 3d land) and a super musroom. was garded by gonzo All of the guys came to fight gonzo when a lazer beam came from the sky it was from Mrs. stinkybutt and her slave mashine Gonzo turns into fire gonzo but Luigi Defeats him They got the items and Went to the school of doom whare bowser and Mrs. stinkybutt. wure wateing for Mario to die . than the slave mashine Started to hit Mario with a rainbow lazer . No seas bowser it was 7:21 we could have won! then bomerang mario pops out and defeats Bowser and And Mrs. stinkybutt and Desroys the slave mashine . In hell Bowser And Mrs. Stinkybutt are being saintin's Slaves. (saintin is the devil) satin teases them with gommba and bullet bill. ending the epasode. ADD A TRIVA AND QWOTES AFFTER EPASODE IS RELASED.

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