In this episode, gonzo plans to make a meteor and tries to smash the cute Mario house with it, but a new hero arrives. He is spiderman! Plus, before this episode, you will see a chuckie and Timmy Show episode, Search for Reptar.

This is rated PG for:

Violence - Some hitting and fighting like kicking, throwing, punching, and shoving. and somewhat weapons and explosions. there might be a little blood. there is a scene that a character crushed one of the villains with ban hammers from ROBLOX. there is even some peril.

Sexy Stuff - Some kissing, and people having crushes on each other. and some characters talk about boyfriends or girlfriends.

Language - No cussing but stupid, idiot, and shut up might be bad for people under 3. there is some potty humor. and some characters say poop and butt. somewhat one of the characters just said Mothman poop, Daniel's butt, and gonzo farts. and some say darning piece of evidence and what the freaking heck man. and even oh my God, what the, and jeez.

Drinks - One villain is seen holding beer.

Characters Present


Gonzo sees the earth and makes a meteor. NOT FINISHED



Contestants are Luigi, the computer, and spiderman


  • Phineas and Ferb characters don't appear in this episode.
  • Mickey was wearing a bikini before shut up Mickey was sung.
  • In this episode, the ehh guy and the you! Guy betrays gonzo.
  • Toad ate chocolate yogurt with Gummy Worms for breakfast.
  • The 4th wall is broke at one point.
  • The teletubbies gets the ban hammers from ROBLOX in this episode.