mario and luigi tries to help chuckie.

Characters Present


Mario and Luigi are walking to burger king. then they saw tommy and chuckie. then 4 minutes later, they decided to follow chuckie. then chuckie went to the basement when he tripped. what was it? chuckie gets up and saw noseybonk. chukie screamed and hen mario and luigi followed him. the cute mario bros saw chuckie telling felix cat to put noseybonk in the jail of 100 trials for 1 million, 6 thousand, 68 hundred, and 75 years. but felix cat said noseybonk didn't do anything bad. NOT FINISHED


  • Chuckie: i'm cool, i'm really coo- AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! - Chuckies trips over noseybonk.

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