Luigi wakes up in the morning and tells Yoshi that he's going for a morning swim. He eventually goes outside and goes up to the top of Mario's Treehouse. While on there, he jumps from the top and lands in the water.

Luigi gets dried off by the cameraman and then gets taken to the Washing Machine, (in which, the cameraman mentions it's called the Tunnel of Time. And that while Luigi is the Washing Machine, time will fly backwards and he will become dry again), where he is dried off in.

The camera then cuts to Mario waking up. Jack dancing music and Mario grows bigger. Jack Skellington stop the music and tell Mario. Malleo sleep in the morning and Jack Skellington fall down. Luigi done washing because This is Jack Skellington. 


  • On the official CMB facebook page, Tyler mentioned that both Ricky and him are going to be releasing some "Cute Mario Bros. Classic" episodes. Basically, they'll be all our older multi-part videos put together with enhanced quality, re-edited, and all new voiceovers. The first episode of "Cute Mario Bros. Classics" (being this) was released on February 21st, 2014