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November 13

Mario gets the pain is a episode of season 4.



Mario was playing in the playground. But suddenly he fell on the rock and get a boo boo. Then phineas came and see Mario. Mario started crying. And went home. Then phineas never seen Mario get hurt before. One Day he have cereal for breakfast. And when he's done eating, he decided to see what mario's up to. But Luigi was out there. Phineas missed Mario alot. Then phineas starts crying in ferb's room. Then Ferb Came and Phineas was there. Ferb put phineas to bed. 3 minutes later, Phineas went to Sleep ZZZZ ZZZZ ZZZZ ZZZZ and dream about yellow stickman. Then the raccoon and condor was playing with luigi. Then Phineas woke up. And see mario's letter. NOT FINISHED