Mario's Birthday is the 1st ep. of Season 2, and the 7th episode in the CMB series Supermariobday


Mario awakes to a beautiful day and quickly checks the calendar and realizes it's his 43rd birthday. As he combs his hair, he has hallucinations of himself as being old, he shakes it off and watches the news, which reports if Mario has grown to old to be Nintendo's mascot, Mario falls into a deep depression with being old and Luigi tries to cheer him up. Eventually, Luigi invites many of his friends over to the house and celebrate Mario's birthday. Everyone brings some presents to Mario: (The Ehh and You! Guy give Mario, a present, (it's apparently a Wii), but it only comes with a razor shaver, etc.). Then, Luigi brings out a cupcake for Mario and lights the candle. (As this is all happening, Luigi and his friends all sing "Happy Birthday")

In the end, Mario mentions he had the best birthday ever. Of course, he also gets a special gift from Luigi, in which the episode ends with a cliffhanger


  • The quality constantly changes throughout the course of the video


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