Kai lan gets busted is ep. 97 of the cute mario bros in this ep. Kai lan got busted by Mario Luigi Kermet Jack and Batman

Character PERSENT!



Kai lan




Mr. Redish



Meanwhile Kai lan was pating the cute mario house all yellow when Mario Luigi Kermet Jack and Batman saw it Mr.Redsih put Kai lan in JAIL! with Thomas soon December 24th they will be killed by Mr. Redish forever before DECEMBER 25TH! GWAH HA HA HA! but Kai lan and thomas found away to escape SISCORS! because its made out of paper once Kermet saw Mr. Redish he killed him and went to hell with the devel and Mr. Redish sead I HATE KAI LAN! But once it was December 26th Mr. Redish came back alive to make an kill machine to kill Kai lan and kermet. once it zapd them they died but they kame back alive in 1 second to kill Mr Redish then mario luigi jack and batman went to kill thomas but thomas atacked them then Mr. Redish atacked Kai lan and kermet then mr. redish used the kill machine to kill them but batman destroyd it and mr. redish got MAD!

mean while at the fart lair a frog suit [from super mario bros 3] and a 1up mushroom wer gardid by thomas so mario went to kill him and he did to grab those power ups back at jail school kermet was fighting mr. redish and mario gave kermet the 1up mushroom so he can use the frog suit to fight thomas kermet got 100 lives now. so he fighted mr.redish to get revenge but mr.redish wantied to get it so he took away his life then a bomb was on the roof witch it made it destroyed then mr.redish had to get revenge wonce it will be 3:00 mr.redish will be dead if he is not goten the you guys medaicin to surviave a long time ago it was 2:59 in 1 miuinite he will be dead 1 miunite later BBBBH! Mr.Redish died agan forever and mario kiled thomas then they went for lunch out. QUIZ AND MARKS WHEN THIS EP. COMES OUT!

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