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Jack Skellington




Eye Colour: None, Hair Colour: None Clothing: Long, bendy Halloween suit


Toad (wife)


Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Kermit, NOT FINISHED


Oogie Boogie Man, Bowser, Wario, The Ehh Guy, The YOU! Guy, Gonzo, Tarantula, Leeches

Jack Skellington is a dumb-like friend of the Cute Mario Bros. His first appearance was in 'Meet Jack Skellington'. However, he was in the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas" before he made his debut in the show. Whenever he gets scared or frightened, his long arms move, which makes him slap people.


He is quite shy when it comes to losing or when he sucks. Once he couldn't take it anymore, he stole Luigi's hat in attempt to be cooler. But Mario threw him into the trash. He tends to get on Mario and Luigi's nerves. Jack isn't very bright, and overreacts a little.And Jack is constapated because it took him 24 episodes to take his first first smelly poop.It had corn it Jack says 


Meet Jack Skellington

In Meet Jack Skellington, He dance the game.

Cute Mario Bros. The First Movie

In Cute Mario Bros. The First Movie Jack Skellington and Mario go in the forest.

The Sleepwalking Dissorder

In The Sleepwalking Dissorder Mario and Jack had to watch Luigi. but they did not do a very good job. Later Jack said that Luigi sleep walks everyn ight of his life.

Jack Likes

Jack Hates


  • Jack is one of the few main characters NOT created by Nintendo, but by Disney.
  • He and the Oogie Boogie Man are the only characters from "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
  • Jack had a theme song that played the first time he appeared in 'Meet Jack Skellington' and 'Cute Mario Bros. The First Movie', which was "This Is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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