this song sounded like you're a mean one, mr. grinch and it is a song in angelica unleashed


Angelica: I'm a werewolf, for real

Angelica: I really am a cryptid

Angelica: My teeth are very sharp

Angelica: My body's really furry, for real

Angelica: I'm a bad creature with a..... Creepypasta

Angelica: I'm a legend, for real

Angelica: My heart is very scary

Devil: so is mine.

Angelica: My brain's full of demons

Angelica: I have fire in my soul, for real

Angelica: You wouldn't touch me with a 39 and half foot tree

Angelica: I'm a wicked one, for real

Angelica: I have germs in my smile

Angelica: I have all of tender sweetness of a evil hamster, for real

Angelica: given a choise between you and me. you would take the umm.... EVIL HAMSTER

Angelica: I'm a bad one, for real

Angelica: I'm a nasty wasty pig

Angelica: My heart is full of unwashed clothes 

Angelica: My soul is full of mud, for real

Angelica: The three words that best describes me are you follow and you quote "Stink Stank Stunk"

Angelica: I'm a meanie, for real

Angelica: I'm the queen of evil socks

Angelica: My heart's a dead berry with moldy black spots, for real


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