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March 12, 2007

'Find Yoshi!' is episode 1. In this episode, Mario and Luigi find a gecko and call it Yoshi.

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The episode begins with Luigi falling out of his bed and landing flat on his face, making him cry. He then manages to pull himself up and mentions that he's gonna go for a swim.

Luigi leaves his bedroom, and then Mario wakes up. Mario then mentions that the sun is shining outside and it's 5 o'clock at night, then starts to sing "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning".

Back in the kitchen, Luigi climbs up the chair, and finds pizza on the table, then he takes a bite and says that "it tastes like ravioli except more pizza-ish". Then he jumps into the door, onto the counter and finds a Yoshi Egg. Then he decides to show it to Mario. Mario comes into the kitchen and gets distracted by the pizza and gets hyper and starts devouring it. Mario and Luigi start to go over to the Yoshi Egg, however Ricky grabs him and starts washing him off because of the pizza sauce.

The egg starts rolling and a Yoshi (portrayed by a lizard) hatches from the egg. Later, on Mario's bed, Mario begins telling Yoshi how to defeat Bowser Jr.

Then, Yoshi climbs onto Mario's pillow. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi then set off to defeat Bowser Jr. However, Bowser Jr. is up on a bunk bed and starts laughing to himself. Mario and Luigi then start to climb up the ladder. However, Bowser Jr. tosses them off. Then he jumps down, and Mario and Luigi start to run away. But Bowser Jr. catches up to them and stomps them onto the floor.

Mario and Luigi successfully run away and go to check on Yoshi. However, he is missing, which starts a search all over the house. However, Mario and Luigi encounter Bowser Jr. again. Suddenly Mickey appears. However, a pillow gets tossed at Bowser Jr. and he runs away. Suddenly, Mario and Luigi find Yoshi on the table. Mario kisses Yoshi for saving him, then Luigi tries to but Yoshi walks away.

The episode ends with Mario and Luigi about their day.


  • Luigi: Ow, my face! *starts crying*
  • Mario: "Oh, Luigi, what is it-" "OH PIZZA!!!"
  • Bowser Jr.: "You can't destroy me! I am the ultimate Bowser!"
  • Mickey: "Ha-ha! You'll never beat us!"
  • Mario: You're not supposed to be in this movie!
  • Mickey: Aww!


  • Ricky's whole face can be seen clearly. Mario refers him to be the cameraman, but Tyler is using the camera.
  • This episode is the most viewed video, with over 2 million views, despite being the first video MarioMario8989 uploaded. 'Pilot Episode' is episode 0 because that was meant to be the first episode.
  • This episode is a spoof of a Super Mario World episode, 'Mama Luigi', as seen in the description.
  • Yoshi was a gecko.
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