Find Koopa!

Cute Mario Bros. in: Find Koopa!

'Find Koopa!' is episode 11. In this episode, Mario and Luigi find a koopa.
Cute Mario Bros - Find Koopa!

Cute Mario Bros - Find Koopa!

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Mario wakes up and realises that he wet the bed, he then gets up to have eggs for breakfast until he notices a strange (un-normal) looking egg, he calls on luigi and discuss about the egg, luigi believes that it is a koopa egg and that they should wait for it to hatch (a reference to the "Find Yoshi" episode).

After hours of waiting for the egg to hatch, they resolve to mario constantly farting on the egg to keep it warm until mario accidentally poops himself and screams while running to use the bathroom. When mario returns, luigi suprises him by telling him that the egg is hatching.

Soon a koopa (portrayed by a pet turtle) appears from the remains of the shell. Mario and luigi start to treat the new born like a family member and give him a lot of respect. However bowser apppears from the backround as he talks to himself saying that koopa should be his property, he then disguises himself with a novelty moustache to creep up on Mario and Luigi (who are still paying attention to the koopa) telling them that they could win a free pizza by closing their eyes and counting to 10, mario and luigi fall for the trick and obay by lying down flat on the table and counting while bowser kidnaps koopa (whos is contained in a bowl full of water).

When they eventually reach to ten, Mario and Luigi stand up shouting "PIZZA!!!" until they notice that theres no pizza and koopa is missing, they then decide to search for him and bowser (as they call him the handsom moustache-io man as they couldnt figure out who's behind the disguise) with a montage of Mario and Luigi looking in various places with backround guitar music by Tyler (Co-Creator and Voices Mario).

Mario and Luigi eventually gives up looking for koopa until the hear the words "Help Me" from a distance believing that its koopa (even though they never heard him talk before).

It then shows Bowser teaching koopa how to be evil (while still wearing his disguise), until he's interrupted by Mario and luigi who has eventually found out that it was bowser behind the novelty moustche, they then proceed to get into a fight with him while also asking why he couldn't get his own pets.

After the fight, Mario and Bowser shake hands joking about how the fights they usually get into is like a normal everyday activity, Mario and Luigi go back to koopa celebrating on how they met a new friend.


  • This episode is a sequel to 'Find Yoshi!'.
  • As of April 2013, the episode on Youtube has gained over 3,000,000 views
  • The Koopa song is now available for download