Evil prevails

'Evil Prevails?' is episode 21. In this episode, many bad guys team up to defeat the Cute Mario Bros!


Mario, Luigi and Peach are sitting on the couch doing nothing. Then they walk around. Peach wants Mario to be her valentine. But Mario doesn't understand. Bowser appears to strike back. Mario and Bowser have an epic battle thus Mario wins. Bowser then meets The Oogie-Boogie Man, who
Cute Mario Bros Evil Prevails?

Cute Mario Bros Evil Prevails?

Bowser is tired of always being beaten by Mario, so he gathers together all the most evil villans he could find to finally to put a stop to the Mario Brothers. Will Bowser prevail?

gives Bowser a great idea. To form up an army! They both go off and look for bad guys. Meanwhile Mario is playing with the Hockey Table with Luigi. Peach asks some of the hockey players to be here valentine. They give a negative answer. They later sit on the couch again. They find a letter for Peach, saying she is on a game show, although it is a trap. Peach goes to the desired room, where all the bad guys are. Mario and Luigi are curious, so they follow Peach, only to find out that she has been captured! They all go outside and somehow Mario and Luigi get captured too. Mario and Luigi are tied up and upside down above a bowl of lava. Freeza falls into the lava. Then the lava spills thanks to Chain Chomp, thus making everyone die. Luigi suddenly wakes up from that whole dream, and Mario somehow has the same dream.


  • This is the third longest video. The second longest is 'A Christmas Carol ', and the longest is Summer Fun 2.
  • In the ending where Mario says if someone were to watch that dream it would be a slap to the face, is a reference to Family Guy.