Escape of Mario Tower is an episode of season cotains four parts

Characters Present


Mario and luigi build a Big Big Big Tower then their friends came to see it then Mario call the tower Mario Tower! And luigi set the timer(12:60:50) so Mario and luigi tried it.

Meanwhile tyler and Ricky came over to visit the Mario tower. They then watch the video of Mario and luigi trying to escape. 30 seconds Mario finally escape. But luigi accidentlly step on the red button. And he's trap!! So he lose.then luigi tries to escape.

After 1 second he finally escape the cage then mario said "Luigi was rude and mean. And he's also smell like poop." Toad said mario's the poplar character and everyone loves him. Later that night luigi wrote a Letter, Get a giant suitcase, decide to leave, and walks away to the Forest. and Mario was Sad when he look at the window.

To Be Continued