like ghosts and ed edd n eddy? well now it's mixed up with eddy the ghost. and it will make you laugh!

Characters Present


ed and edd are preparing for a mission. then eddy was seen watching blues clues. so he said "Oh, i love blues clues," "it makes me feel like a little kid again." then he hears music coming from edd. so eddy goes see ed and edd. eddy wanted to be a spy. well, edd is not sure. then edd decided to make him a spy. edd then showed eddy mission 5.8 which says "Sarah has been reported missing. eyewitnesses said they saw her being kidnapped by those old dirty evil robber. from the prime master of canada" ed edd and eddy began their mission. then we see Sarah being kidnapped. ed edd and eddy appears quickly then fights the robbers offscreen and saved sarah then cuts black. 10 seconds later, we see eddy walking on the sidewalk with ed and edd with jaws music playing. when a devil appeared and zapped eddy, he turned him into a ghost while the Jew theme was still playing. he scared gonzo, bowser, cookie monster, elmo, toad, and chuckie. but mario, luigi, finn, jake, and mordecai didn't get scared. but saw the news that they were sightings of a ghost who looks like eddy. the bubble guppies, phineas, ferb, ed, and edd are in the news. the cute mario bros decided that the devil turned eddy into the ghost. then grab their weapons and chase the ghost. they finally destroy the devil and turn eddy back into normal. then at the end, mothman was seen chasing peach and rigby. NOT FINISHED




Every Scared Person: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • you may noticed an angel behind rigby and peach while being chased by mothman.
  • you might hear a sound that sounds like someone eating chips when eddy scared cookie monster
  • Tommy Pickles is mistakenly seen in the fight scene of the edds vs the robbers.


Contestants are Edd and Chuckie Finster



Chase the Devil playable characters are everyone but eddy and the devil