this is an episode that will make you laugh out loud. in this episode, it involves a new character named donkey. now Mrs. stinkybutt is now closing the school.

Characters Present


Mario, Luigi, and Team Umizoomi are having lunch until mrs. stinkybutt came and said "There's a big DONKEY in My school so there's going to be no school no school because of that donkey!" "YAY!" said geo and bot. Then it was 3:00 and Tommy and Chuckie walked in the cute Mario house. "Hi, want to have lunch with us?" "Yes!" said tommy and Chuckie. then the donkey went out of the school. "BOO!" said geo and bot. NOT FINISHED






  • This is the first time we see Tommy eat a hot dog.
  • This is also the first time we see and heard geo and bot booing
  • Before this episode, we will see the special episode. click here!

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