Cute Mario Bros is a web series created by MarioMario8989 (Ricky and Tyler) and contained 8 episodes (9 if you count the pilot and the movie) of Season 1. This season lasted from april 6, 2007 to august 15, 2007.


Cute Mario Bros was created in 2005 by ricky and tyler, they were both friends, the first episode was made in the same year, however the pilot was uploaded long after Season 1 instead Find Yoshi! was uploaded first on april 6, 2007.

this season somewhat set the standards for the series. it's main charecters, it's new charecters, and ending the season with a movie. cute mario bros: the movie is a 4-part movie that serves as a season finale part 1 was realesed on august 12th and has 1,300,450 veiws, part 2 was realesed on august 13th and has 1,269,621 views, part 3 was realesed on august 14th and has 801,082 views, and part 4 was on august 15th and has 560,146 views.


cute mario bros has a bit of problem when it comes to continuity mainly with it's episode order as when it's listed  list seaveral of the episodes are listed out of order here is the offical list.

1.Pilot episode.---------November 24, 2009 (origonally created in 2005)

2.Find Yoshi!-----------April 6, 2007(origonally the 2nd episode but was realeased before the pilot/first episode realeased)

3.Summer Fun.-------june 27, 2007(first special in the series) jack skellington part 1------july 22, 2007 jack skellington part 2-----july 22, 2007

6CMB:The Movie part 1-------------august 12, 2007

7.CMB:The Movie part 2------------august 13, 2007

8.CMB:The Movie part 3------------august 14, 2007

9.CMB:The Movie part4-------------august 15, 2007(season finale)


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi (lizard) (debut)
  • Bowser jr (debut)
  • jack skellington (debut)
  • Toad (debut)
  • Kermit (cute mario bros debut)
  • mickey (debut)
  • shadow mario (debut)
  • shadow luigi (debut)
  • bowser
  • sonic ( debut)
  • spongebob (debut)
  • goomba (debut)
  • bullet bill (debut)
  • koopa (debut)
  • patrick (debut)
  • the pikachu brothers (debut)
  • goku (debut)
  • yoshi (plush) (debut)
  • banpresto ( debut)
  • Fan favorite characters Jack, Kermit and Mickey were introduced this season.
  • The movie's legnth all together is 34:63
  • According to a post on the facebook page The Cute Mario Bros Classics meet jack skellington will be remastered with both parts porveing once and for all the official episode count is 8 if the movie counts as one full episode.

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