Come to the world of cute Mario bros in JAPAN but guess what Mario turnd EVIL And joins gonzos army of evil vilans The army was gonzo Mario Kermit sponge bob Patrick and Bowser Will Luigi and his team stop Gonzo and his army find out Watch the episode and see

Characters - and - the - means its a member of gonzos army and @means it is a member of Luigis team

Mario (-) Luigi (@) Peach (@) Gonzo (-) Bowser (-) Bowser j.r (@) Koopa troopa (@) Sponge bob (-) Patrick (-) Yoshi (@) Kermit the frog (-) Sonic the hedgehog (@)


Songs Key to doom sung by gonzo I'm evil for extra credit sung by Mario Fashion is my style sung by sonic the hedgehog

Games Maze trouble Cute Mario maze


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