Cute Mario Bros 2 is a comedy plush Youtube series produced and directed by an account named LuigiLuigi1414. So far 3 seasons have been made, and the show is served to keep CMB fans waiting. Don't edit this without my permission please.


It is unknown what this section will be about.

List of Episodes

  1. The Hunt
  2. Mario's Sleepwalking Disorder
  3. Random Episode
  4. Video Game Madness
  5. Yoshi CHAOS (Finale)

  1. Mario's New Body
  1. Super Summer Bros
  1. The Invasion
  1. Swimming Fun
  1. Clip Episode
  1. CMB2 The Movie (Finale)

  1. Cute Smash Bros
  1. Bowser's Revenge
  1. The Cluster of....WHAT?!
  1. The Great Comeback
  1. The Novel
  1. Yoshi Chaos 2 (Ofiicial Film and Season Finale)

SEASON 4 will launched April 2013.

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