The Big Maze Cute Mario Bros: The Big Maze is an unofficial game that needs completion, by ComJacker. It is a Fake 3D has a same name. Click here

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Mario, Luigi and Jack are walking down the road, and then Bowser appears! He gets out a magic wand, and uses it to move the trio in a huge maze. They are apart from each other, and it's up to Mario to regroup his friends!


The player takes control of Mario, with the arrow keys. He must move past trees and crates, and find Luigi and Jack. He must collect up to 300 coins in the level, and find his way out with Luigi and Jack. Mickey appears in a certain part of the level, then moves to a different location. He gives Mario directions, to find more coins, or to find his friends. Then he tells a Mario related joke, and uses his teleportation ability to teleport somewhere else.


  • Mario Kart DS - Title Screen (midi) - Title Screen
  • Super Mario Galaxy - Peach's Castle is Stolen - Bowser makes his appearance
  • Mario Kart 64 - Choco Mountain (midi) - Area 1
  • Mario Kart Wii - Mushroom Gorge (midi) - Area 2
  • Zelda: Orcania of Time - Item Fanfare - Luigi or Jack have been found
  • Super Mario Bros. - World Cleared (midi) - Mario, Luigi and Jack get out of the maze.


  • Despite being a Fake 3D game, the sprites are 2D and always look the same when the camera is turned.
  • There are no enemies in the gameplay.