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Characters Present


Chuckie is making a shake made out of mud. he used the dirt as whip cream and the leave as the top. the whole thing is mud. when Mario and the others tasted it, they were mad. "NAUGHTY CHUCKIE!" Toad Yelled. Mario and the others threw chuckie to the jail of 100 trials. they said he will be in there for 2 weeks. "2 Weeks?" chuckie shouted. "Yes" said tommy. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" cried chuckie.

Later in night, chuckie was crying until he saw Cinderella. "What's Wrong?" asked cinderella. "Tommy and the others threw me in jail!" cried chuckie. Cinderella said "That's mean. well I'm busting you out of here." So the 2 people were sneaking out of jail until......... The escape alarm went on. the alarm said chuckie has escaped jail. "Hey!" shouted Tommy. meanwhile, chuckie and Cinderella started running for their lives when they saw.. TOMMY AND THE OTHERS. soon chuckie and Cinderella were surrounded. Tommy said "Cinderella, you are in jail for rescuing chuckie!" chuckie and Cinderella went back to jail when they saw sonic. "Hi guys, why are you in jail?" "because of Tommy and the others!" chuckie yelled. "Well, I'm rescuing you both." said sonic. as the 3 people are escaping jail, the escape alarm said Cinderella and Chuckie escaped jail. "Hey!" yelled Tommy. then the 3 people got surrounded Tommy shouted "Sonic you are in jail for rescuing Cinderella and Chuckie!" "WAAAAA!!!" they all shout. Then the bubble guppies came and gil said "Who put you in jail?" "TOMMY!" said the 3 people. Molly asked why. Nonny said maybe Tommy putted them in jail for no reason. So the 9 people sneaked out of jail. Then the alarm said "CHUCKIE, CINDERELLA, AND SONIC ESCAPED!" Tommy said "Hey!" but realizes everyone's mad at him. Now he is the one who got surrounded. Mario Screamed "WHO DID YOU PUT IN JAIL!!!" Tommy said "Chuckie, Cinderella, and Sonic?" then mickey throws a bomb and tommy blows up but it turns out to be toad's bad dream. THE END!