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Characters Present



Phineas and ferb are making a circus tent for the circus. candace wants to bust them but needs to go with Jeremy. Candace apoligizes luigi by saying sorry but i can't be your girlfriend anyomre with a frown face. Isabella came and said hi phineas what'cha doin'? meanwhile candace was at the railroad with jeremy then candace saw thomas. Thomas told Candace to get out of the way to collect peanut butter in the peanut butter factory. but Candace disobeyed him. so Thomas started chasing Candace. meanwhile the cute Mario bros we're practicing in the circus. NOT FINISHED


  • Candace returns in this episode.
  • When ferb said Nothing cares about stinky stuff, you can hear the bubble guppies theme.
  • at the end, you can see the lesson of the day: Be nice to everyone especially your friends
  • If you look closely to gil while there in the wasp's lair, you can see chuckie with a top hat and cape patting him on the shoulder. chuckie wears that after phineas and ferb finally made the circus tent. also you can see a little reaction to gil's face.